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P0102 Mass Air Flow MAF Circuit Low Technical Description. Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low. What does that mean? This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is a generic powertrain code, which means that it applies to OBD-II equipped vehicles that have a mass airflow sensor. 2 Measuring gas temperature. 3 Probe installation fitting (PIF). 4 Pressure sensor connection. 5 LS1 Lambda Probe type 655R0031/0034.6 Calibrating gas connec - tion. 7 Calibrating gas output. 8 Protective transmitter box. 9 LT1 Lambda Transmitter, external measuring gas pump.

Jul 10, 2020 · I've noticed after a reflash on my 2018 Camaro SS (LT1) the ambient air temp will go very high 118 degrees when it's only 80-90 degrees outside. This changes the VE fueling (if temp enabled) and I don't recall it doing it 1yr ago when I did the S/C or 6 months ago when I changed the tune a little.
CMP SENSOR / 1 Camshaft Position Sensor / Bank 1 CMP SENSOR / 2 Camshaft Position Sensor / Bank 2 D2B Fiber Optic Network DSC Dynamic Stability Control ECM Engine Control Module ECT SENSOR Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor EFT SENSOR Engine Fuel Temperature Sensor EGT SENSOR Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor EOT SENSOR Engine Oil Temperature Sensor
- plug in the sensor - drive the car in stop and go conditions, AC/AUTO OFF for at least 15 minutes - enter into the HVAC diagnostics - observe coolant temperature - note when fan one and fan two turns on Like Tom said, the factory programming has fan 2 coming on at a high temp (but not dangerous).
The mass air flow sensor sits inside of the intake snorkel connected to the air intake box. Inside of the MAF sensor is a very hot wire. The air flowing through the intake snorkel from the air intake box cools that hot wire down. The more air that flows through, the more electric current the hot wire needs to stay at its correct temperature.
Michigan Motorsports 24 inches long Coolant Temperature Sensor Extension Harness Fits Most 2 Wire TPI TBI LT1 LS1 LS2 Water Temp LSX Plug 4.4 out of 5 stars 7 $14.99
In conjunction with 58X crankshaft timing, the Gen-V applies the latest digital cam-timing technology. The cam sensor is located in the front engine cover, and it reads a 4X sensor target on the camshaft phaser rotor which is attached to the front end of the camshaft.
Jan 17, 2011 · A sensor measures a physical property, and converts it to a signal: a voltage proportional to the property, or a digital value proportional to the property. e.g. a transducer to convert temperature to a voltage (LM35), or a transducer that converts temperature to a digital output (Dallas DSxxxx)
Coolant Temperature Temp Sensor For GM GMC TPI TBI LT1 LS1 LS2 4.8 5.3 6.0 5.7 ☛ Item Specification Condition: Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!!
Once the Oxygen sensor (mounted on the exhaust pipe) reaches operating temperature of several hundred degrees, the Manifold Air Temperature (MAT) sensor shows an intake air temperature of more than 140 degrees and the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) has reached 160 degrees, the computer will switch to closed loop mode meaning the Oxygen sensor ...
This new OEM AC Delco temperature sensor (P/N 213-77) arrived on time and in an AC Delco package. Note that for LT1 engines this IS NOT the temperature sensor on the water pump, it's the one on the passenger side of the engine that feeds a signal to the dash mounted temp gauge.
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  • Digatron Cylinder Head Temp Sensor. $65.00. On Sale. SportVue LT1. SportVue LT1. $100.00. Holiday Special! 1/2 off Shipping Orders Over $100. Free Shipping On Orders ...
  • Nov 18, 2015 · 1992 97 Gm Lt1 Harness Std Length Painless Performance 95 Z28 Pcm Wiring Diagram Wiring Diagram ... 95 Camaro Wiring Harness Removal Lt1 Coolant Temp Sensor Location
  • The A LT1 is the newest Qualitrol dissolved gas analyer designed as a wireless sensor to measure dissolved hydrogen in transformer oil as well as transformer oil temperature and moisture concentration. It collects data without the need for additional power or communications infrastructure. QualConnex Remote Condition Monitoring Platform IUSTRIALS
  • Lingenfelter offers this quick plug in harness to adapt your factory harness to accept the new 100 MM Mass Air Flow Sensor. The harness comes in two versions the first is the 5 wire to 5 wire harness #CE-108124 and the second is the 3-2 to 5 harness where the 2 wire connector is for he air intake temperature sensor connection #CE-108125.
  • Because temperature plays such a vital role in engine performance calculations, any problem with the coolant temperature sensor can quickly translate into an engine performance issues. Usually a problem with the coolant temperature sensor will cause a few symptoms that alert the driver of a potential problem that should be thoroughly inspected. 1.

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lt1 temp sensor in head %PDF-1.3 This heavy duty engine oil cooler replaces the standard engine oil to water cooler found in the LH radiator tank of other LT1 B-cars. Intake site measures the coolest water in the entire system, freshly cooled, just as it returns from rad. Lingenfelter offers this quick plug in harness to adapt your factory harness to accept the new 100 MM Mass Air Flow Sensor. The harness comes in two versions the first is the 5 wire to 5 wire harness #CE-108124 and the second is the 3-2 to 5 harness where the 2 wire connector is for he air intake temperature sensor connection #CE-108125.
The speed can be controlled based on a temperature sensor input signal or a simple switched input for on/off type control. The VSFM-002 can be used to control primary engine cooling fans, auxiliary engine cooling or other fluid cooling fans or to control variable speed pumps for engine coolant, intercooler fluid or other related fluid ... #MAT205 - Manifold or intake air temperature sensor quantity. Add to cart. SKU: MAT205 Category: ... #HK67 - LT1 Knock Sensor #FF217 - Fuel Filter, High Flow. Search ...

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Heavy Duty Sensor - Temp Rated to 330°F Provides consistant spark up to 8K RPM Comes Complete with Wire Harness READY FOR INSTALL RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX 1993-1994 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 5.7L 1992-1994 Chevrolet Corvette 5.7L 1993-1994 Pontiac FIREBIRD FORMULA 5.7L 1993-1994 Pontiac FIREBIRD TRANS AM 5.7L GM Ref # 10457702