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Jun 16, 2020 · On Wednesday, Puffco dropped a limited edition Shadow Black Ryan Fitt Recycler Glass attachment for its industry-dominating Puffco Peak. The limited-edition run of 500 was gone within 24 hours of ... Puffco glass attachment - $200 < image 1 of 4 > QR Code Link to This Post. Here I have a beautiful custom blown AJGlassToMouth puffco peak attachment. It is adorned ...

ABOUT THE PUFFCO PEAK GLASS STAND The Puffco Peak Glass Stand safely displays your standard-issue or custom Puffco Peak glass attachment. The steel base-plate is housed in a durable silicone exterior with polished accents. This is an original equipment manufacturer product designed specifically for Puffco Peak vaporizers.
Apr 27, 2019 · To set up the Puffco Peak, take the glass attachment and fill the chamber up with water until the water level slightly rises above the air holes. Keep the lower section of the glass attachment dry, as this is the part that will be inserted into the base.
Puffco has embraced 3rd party creators and there is a rich market for artistic replacement glass (which can and do run more expensive than the Peak itself) and other accessories. For quartz lovers, you can cheaply swap the ceramic bucket for a quartz. For rosin I personally prefer quartz. Bought them on ebay for $30.
Fits ALL Puffco Peak Models Free Shipping to USA Hand Chosen Artists. Custom Puffco Peak attachment diffuser Worked neck with flared lip for comfort Quality, borosilicate glass Fits The PuffCo Peak perfectly Fully functional attachment Approximate height: 5.5 inches The Peak is not included
Colored, Cleanable, Custom. Add some color to your Puffco Peak- along with some silicone!Eyce presents Silicone Puffco Peak Chambers, perfect for ease-of-mind when taking your Puffco Peak out and about, freeing you from worrying about any damage to its standard glass chamber.
Puffco Peak Glass Head. Choose options Quick view. From $299.99 ...
The Puffco line features portable vaporizers with the largest ceramic chamber in the industry. Named "Best Vape Pen" by High Times, PuffCo began with the goal of pioneering a new standard for vaporizing essential oils without heating coils or wicks.
Spider glass: inception series puffco peak attachment blue/yellow fumed #5. $399.99.
The Peak Glass Stand is exactly what you need to display and safely store your Peak glass bubbler as it should be. It connects to your glass piece just as it would connect to the device and is made to compatible with all custom Peak glass parts.
Gumball machine, Groovy tube, or Milkshake themed puffco peak attachment! Will fit any puffco peak. Groovy tube: Height: 6.00" Base: 2.25" Perc: 3 hole poke Gumball machine: Height: 6.00" Base: 2.50" Perc: 3 hole poke Milkshake: Height: 6.00" Base: 1.75" Perc: 3 hole poke Artist: Mathematix Glass Made in California
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  • The Peak vaporizer is a premium electric dab rig by Puffco, innovator's of the industry. This compact yet powerful e-rig makes the ideal travel companion.
  • CUSTOM All CUSTOM 0 CUSTOM APPAREL 19 CUSTOM LIGHTERS 3 CUSTOM PRE ROLLED CONES 1 ... Puffco Peak Travel Glass. $65.00 Add to Cart ...
  • CUSTOM All CUSTOM 0 CUSTOM APPAREL 19 CUSTOM LIGHTERS 3 CUSTOM PRE ROLLED CONES 1 ... Puffco Peak Travel Glass. $65.00 Add to Cart ...
  • It maintains a pristine anti-clog percolator, creating a more enjoyable, low-maintenance experience. For those looking for a Puffco Peak attachment, there is the Petra Peak, which offers similar functionality. With Beta Glass Labs’ smooth diffusion, you’ll love all of our custom instruments. Clear 14mm female – Approximately 8″ height
  • Puffco Peak Travel Cap Regular price $55.00 Shadow Black - $55.00 USD Harlequin Pink - $55.00 USD Royal Blue - $55.00 USD Ultraviolet Purple - $55.00 USD Sunshine Yellow - $55.00 USD Leaf Green - $55.00 USD Clear Glass - $55.00 USD

Glass Function Video of Puffco Peak Recycler by Elev8 Glass. This Elev8 Recycler fits wonderfully to your Puffco Peak. The Peak is amazing, but this glass makes it next level. Hits like my Surfer rig but is portable. Elev8 has crazy good customer service too so have no fear.

Puffco Peak Puffco Peak Accessories ... Flex Glass - Inno Globe Beaker. Regular price $699.98. ... Full Custom Heady Reversal. Jan 26, 2020 · This Glass Attachment by IDG is specially designed for use with Puffco Peak Diffuser. It features a stemless design with a reinforced 3-hole Dome Perc to provide exceptional percolation and maximum volume within the water chamber.
Custom made German Schott glass attachment for the Puffco Peak. Dress you Puffco Peak in style with the henny style bottle from Idab. iDab was founded in 2012, and still to this day continues to lead the way in innovation and flawless production in the most sought after designs for the consumption of...TERP SPHERE - Marble Spinner Carb Cap for Puffco Peak - Brozay #2 - Compatible with the Puffco Peak, Focus V Carta, and MJ Arsenal Mini Nails - Solid Glass Marble Directional Carvings - Ring Carving so it can be used with a tether strap! - When used with Terp Pearls, it will spin the beads rapidly around the dish! - Made in Florida (USA) ×

Puffco Air Shifter Glass with Mountain Peak for Zen Carpet Concentrate (Black) | includes 3 Boveda 62% 8 gram humidity packs in resealable bag.

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