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Standards SAE J514, J513, J512, J1926, J1453; View All Help us improve our Technical Specs Hydraulic hose plugs seal and protect the ends of hydraulic hose fittings from damage while in storage or during transport. These accessories have a male-threaded end that connects to the female-threaded end of compatible hydraulic components to keep out ...

seal, such as SAE straight thread port (SAE J1926/ISO11926), SAE four bolt split flange (SAE J518/ISO 6162), and ISO 6149 is recommended. For applications where elastomeric seals can’t be used, consult the manufacturer. As noted, BSPT and metric taper are designed and perform similarly. Follow the NPT/NPTF guidelines for their application.
Oil-Resistant Hard Buna-N O-Rings for Tube Fittings with SAE Straight-Thread Connection SAE J1926-1 Also known as Boss O-rings, these are for use in tube fittings with a straight-thread connection. They are made of hard Buna-N, which is resilient and offers excellent resistance to wear, grease, petroleum fluids, and motor oil.
9/16”-18 UNF — #6 SAE J1926; Fill Plug: Yes; ABS Offset: 2.33" Hub Offset: 1.31" Axle Stud Standout: 1.75" Axle Stud Diameter: 5/8” ...
Nov 23, 2019 · Die zugehörigen Normen sind SAE J1453, SAE J512, SAE J513, SAE J926, SAE J1926, SAE J516, SAE J518, SAE J1475 usw. Hydraulikadapter und -verbinder entsprechen der britischen Norm BS 5200 aus dem Jahr 1975 und basieren auf Originalvorschlägen, die 1975 vom Verband der Hersteller von Hydraulikgeräten ausgearbeitet wurden.
In short, SAE J1939 is a set of standards that define how ECUs communicate via the CAN bus in heavy-duty vehicles. As explained in our CAN bus intro, most vehicles today use the Controller Area Network (CAN) for ECU communication. However, CAN bus only provides a "basis" for communication (like a telephone) - not a "language" for conversation.
ACCORDING TO SAE J1926 J2244 J476a DIN 3852--2 shape X o Y 3852--1 shape X o Y PORTS THREAD ... Plug for open centre Allenwrench8 24 Nm / 17.7 lbft 120 1750 120 1750
May 01, 2014 · MS16142-R O-Ring Boss - Reamer Port Contour Cutters (SAE J514) ( SAE J1926) aspp liked this post 05-01-2014, 08:57 PM #5. ewlsey. View Profile View Forum Posts ...
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SAE J1926-4 Issued JUL2009 Page DIMENSIONS4.1 Plug Dimensions External hex internalhex plugs shall conform dimensionsshown respectively.4.2 Hex Tolerances Hex tolerances across flats shall ISO4759-1, product grade Minimumacross corner dimensions 1.092times nominalwidth across flats. minimumside flat 0,43times nominalwidth across flats.
per sae j1926 0.88 (22.2) typ 45º 30º 3.55 (90.2) 10.00 (254.0) 12.69 (322.3) ref 13.84 (351.6) ref 6.50 (165.1) 6.19 (157.2).76 (19.3) Ø 5.006 (127.15) 5.001 (127.03).53 (13.7) 1.275 (32.39) 3.065 (77.85) ref preferred center of load magnetic oil plug 3/4 -16unf sae o-ring
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  • 7/16"-20UNF female, SAE J512 with valve opener 3) 4) 24 7/16"-20UNF male, SAE4 (J1926) 4) 42 9/16"-18UNF male, SAE6 (J1926), seal: accessory 61 2) 4) 61 G3/4" frontal membrane 4) 6) 52 Electrical connection Male electrical connector M12x1, 4-pole, Mat. PA (Accessories P3, P4) 32 Male electrical connector M12x1, 5-pole, Mat. PA (Accessories P1 ...
  • SAE J1926-3 details the external port stud for light-duty designs. This port stud is used on JIC/37-degree flare, flareless bite style, and port adapters parts per SAE J514. SAE J1926-4 details the designs for port plugs specifically. These will not be covered in this post.
  • Nov 06, 2020 · All oring ports are per SAE-J1926 (see pics). It is .850" thick and milled on every side to ensure perfect fit and function. Increases the fluid level PLUS 5 ounces due to the recess in the cover.
  • Port Standard Designation IS0 11926-1; SAE J1926-1/MS-16142 Pilot Insert Type Spade Blade Insert Port Thread Size 1/2-20 Tube Dash Number 5 Pilot Diameter (Decimal Inch) 0.4530 Spotface Diameter (Decimal Inch) 0.9040 Pilot Length (Decimal Inch) 0.5510 Shank Diameter (Inch) 5/8 Shank Diameter (Decimal Inch) 0.6250 Number of Porting Inserts 2 ...
  • 4x port per sae j1926 1.3125-12 un-2b dash 16 str thd o-ring boss (1.00 od tube ref) port per sae j1926.4375-20 unf-2b dash 4 str thd o-ring boss (.25 od tube ref) 5x .970 return (tank) port pressure port [location not per iso 4401 pattern].002.552.437 2.190.937 1.480 2.125 2.126.406 1.063.406 1.812.843.594 note: supply pressure port farside.609 .62.125 pilot

SAE threads conform to SAE J1926-1. Commissioning Plug allows the cylinder to be isolated for testing. Part # XTH104-73. Can be manufactured to your specifications, contact us for details.

EIS SAE Series Threaded Sealing Plugs SAE J1926 Finish: Commercial Clear Trivalent Zinc Engineered Inserts & Systems, Inc. ... -20 1 1/4 1 5/8-12 .75 .750 EIS-SAE-20 SAE threads conform to SAE J1926-1. Certified to ANSI/AGA NGV 3.1:2014. ... Additional equiped with allocation for a 3 / 8" SAE commissioning plug to allow the ...
Boss Seal (SAE J1926) 117 Model 500MA Item Part No. Description Case Qty. 1 RK11888 T--handle 1 ... 16 918--N4 Bowl plug, 1/4” NPT (Old and New Style) 1 The LSP1351 Series fused high pressure steel sight plug has a clear glass sight and male SAE straight thread connection. The fused, one-piece construction allows for higher operating pressures. The sight plug can be accessorized with reflector and float ball. Press equipment Plate fitted with 4 plugs female thread G 3/8 RMP 49.04.1102/JV G 1/2 RMP 49.04.1103/JV ... * according to SAE J1926-1 P A T E N T P E N D I N G ...

SAE 45° FLARE- SAE J512 SAE male has 45° flare which seals against 45° seats in females. Males can also seal against 45° flared tubing with nut and sleeve. 7/16 - 20, 1/2 - 20, 3/4 - 16 & 7/8 - 14 are the same thread form as JIC 37° flare. Some fittings in these sizes have both JIC 37° & SAE 45° seats. MALE THREAD O.D. & PITCH DASH SIZE MALE

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SAE Straig t rea O- Ring Boss (ORB) Fittings/Ports (SAE J1926/SAE J514/lSO Female ORB Port (2) TwistMate (MIT) Connector (up to 10,000 psig) MIT-034021X MITH-044021X FasMate FN (L,v (5,000 psig) FNL-044021 TwistMate (MIT) " Dash" Size Fitting Thread 3/8-24 7/16-20 Plug (up to 5,000 psig) MIT044P 9/16-18 3/4-16 7/8-14 11/16-12 13/16-12 15/16-12